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Guaranteed Masterpiece, no crying until the end.

I don't know how this friend thing on newgrounds works, so I'll just approve anyone.

I think you need to

2011-11-27 13:22:52 by ZeldaFreak701

Kirb.....your enthusiasm!

I think you need to


2011-04-01 17:01:19 by ZeldaFreak701

Anyone get a 3DS YET?!?! These things are great!


Started School

2011-01-24 12:39:01 by ZeldaFreak701

Started at the University last week. It's a pretty good lineup. All of my teachers seem pretty cool, like if you need help, they'd be willing to work with you to get you a good grade. Work not so much. There's been a major hour cut and I'm not pulling that many hours.

Thank God finally
I am now twenty!

Video Games Live!

2010-07-20 15:49:53 by ZeldaFreak701

When Video Games Live! came to my neck of the woods, my mom bought me and my friends some tickets and we got to go. I even got to go on stage and play Frogger against some other guy. It was pretty sweet.

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Sheesh Boo!

2010-02-21 12:57:33 by ZeldaFreak701

Lay off the chocolate!

Sheesh Boo!

Consider this puzzle solved!

2009-11-13 16:55:56 by ZeldaFreak701

This game is so good.

Consider this puzzle solved!


2009-08-04 22:52:16 by ZeldaFreak701



Terra's Theme Lyrics

2009-07-07 03:09:05 by ZeldaFreak701

My newest edition to my lyrics writing collection. To the music in the video. More info and comments can be found on my deviantART.

I don't remember
Those awful things.
It escapes my mind
Can you blame me?

I cannot recall
From memory.
The visions
I can't see.

Can't turn back time
That's not fair.
Mistakes have
To start somewhere.

Can't you understand
What I'm saying?
Please say
You trust me...

I'd take it back
If I could.
You know well
That I would.

The splashes
Of red
My mind was
Outside my head.

I never saw.

Never would have known.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me

For my blindness...

But I'm by your side
As you can tell.
And so far
Thing's have gone well.

Those nightmares
That you see...
It hurts that
you fear me.

Had I known
What I've done
Would've stopped it
Don't you know that?

I have sin
In my own crop.
The memory
Make it stop...

I choose
To behave
As a free
Imprisoned slave.

My past
So unknown
To me it
can't be shown

You've been there.

I'm sure you have.

At least you knew.

Letting those emotions seize you....

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